Reasons Not to Ignore Workflow Reviews

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  • A lot of people ignore the “see more workflow reviews here” link in a lot of articles
  • The things people miss out on for not clicking the link
  • Beginners will get the most advantages for reading reviews

See more workflow reviews here”— admit it, you probably won’t click a link with that statement not unless you have to or you’re just too bored. No blaming here, “see more workflow reviews here” is a statement that many internet people or “netizens” skip passively read and ignore.


But in this article, we’ll discuss some of the things that you’re missing out on for skipping workflow reviews. Here are a few:

  1. Tips and tricks- With the advent of the digital age, photography is no longer limited to the adjustment of different setting in the camera. It now involves the use of the right lens, with the right filter, and great photo editing skills in Photoshop and/or Lightroom. However, not all things about Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom workflows can be learned in classes— that’s why it pays to read reviews to pick up different tips and tricks that professional photographers consciously or unconsciously gave.
  2. the hard truth- we’ve all been in that situation where we find a certain product or service on the internet and thought that it could save all our problems. But in order to avoid wasting money and tears over a failed purchase its better to read feedbacks beforehand. In workflows and presets specifically, it pays to read reviews to determine whether or not they could be of any use.
  3. Standards- Okay, this may be a little random, but by clicking the “see more workflow reviews here” link, you’ll get a better picture on what makes a good or bad workflow, therefore guiding you on your next purchase.

Admittedly, that “see more workflow reviews here” statement can be a little unnecessary for some who have years of experience tied to their name. But if you’re someone who’s still trying to get comfortable with your shutters and figuring out how Photoshop and Lightroom works, these reviews can be very useful source of useful insights.

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